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Discussie: Nieuw boek: The Fokker Fours

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    21 november 2008

    Standaard Nieuw boek: The Fokker Fours

    Beste vrienden,

    Morgen wordt het boek The Fokker Fours naar Noorwegen verstuurd. Het is een prachtig boek over de viermotorige Fokker-vliegtuigen geworden. Hier een presentatie in het Engels/Nederlands:

    Auteur: Rob J. M. Mulder
    Pagina's: 384 pagina's, 569 foto's, posters, advertenties en 10 kleurenprofielen (Juanita Franzi).
    Formaat: A4, 210x297mm, hardback
    Taal: Engels
    ISBN: 978-82-93450-05-4
    Prijs: 395 Noorse Kronen (bij aankoop via mijn website) of U kunt ook 52 Euro (boek + porto) overmaken op rekeningnummer NL11 ABNA 0554 4187 03, t.a.v. Rob Mulder, Kunnskapsveien 24b, 3430 Spikkestad, Noorwegen,. U bespaart dan 13 Euro aan protokosten.
    Link: https://www.europeanairlines.no/prod...-fokker-fours/
    Leverantie: na 12 november, mogelijk eerder.

    In September 1929, Anthony Fokker presented his first four-engined aircraft in the United States of America: the Fokker F-32. It could carry up to 32 passengers and was at its time the largest and most luxurious aircraft in the world. Then, unexpectedly, came the Black Thursday at the New York stock exchange and the world changed… Ten aircraft were either completed or in various stages of assembly, before the production was stopped.

    The idea of a four-engined aircraft caught on with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Albert Plesman, its managing director, committed to buy aircraft for the Amsterdam-Batavia (now Djakarta, Indonesia) service. The type was to be called the Fokker F XXXVI and was designed to accommodate 32 passengers and a crew of four. A scaled-down version, designated F XXII, was intended for European services carrying 22 passengers. Unfortunately for Fokker, the F XXXVI and F XXII were no immediate success due to the introduction of the far more modern and faster Douglas DC-2. Besides KLM, the only other customer was the Swedish airline AB Aerotransport who purchased a single aircraft.

    KLM used their F XXXVI and F XXIIs on the European routes, while AB Aerotransport only used its F XXII on the Malmö-Copenhagen-Amsterdam service. KLM and AB Aerotransport lost each one of their aircraft in accidents, while the remaining were sold to the UK and operated by Scottish Aviation and the RAF. In this book we follow the life of the F-32, F XXXVI and F XXII aircraft and look at other Fokker four-engined projects. This book is illustrated with many photographs, tables, and colour profiles by Juanita Franzi.

    6-91 Fokker F-32
    92-175 KLM’s Fokker F.XXXVI
    176-223 ABA's Fokker F.XXII
    224-275 KLM's Fokker F.XXII
    276-299 Fokkers in war and peace
    300-331 Four-engined Projects
    330 Bibliography
    336 Index
    353 Colour section
    366 Comparison page (Fokker F.XXXVI, F.XXII, F-32 and Douglas DC-3)
    367 Colour profiles (F-32, F.XXXVI, F.XXII)
    380 Registrations, names and constructor’s numbers
    381 Certificates of Registration of the Fokker F.XXIIs.
    Bijgevoegde afbeelding(e) Bijgevoegde afbeelding(e)  
    Met vriendelijke groeten,
    Rob Mulder

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    UItstekend !

    Kun je eventueel iets meer vertellen over de Fokker projecten
    in dit nieuwe boek ( Fokker ontwerpnummers)

    Thanks in advance.


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