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Discussie: Koolhoven FK-702 ?

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    Standaard Koolhoven FK-702 ?


    does anyone hear about Koolhoven FK-702 airplane Project of 1936 ?,maybe it was a number of
    drawing ?!.

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    Does not ring a bell. Projects were given "ontwerp" numbers (design numbers). Most of these are in the 1100 series. A design number 702 sounds unfamiliar to me. The highest F.K. type number known is F.K. 60, this is mentioned shortly befory May 1940.

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    The project number 702 isn't known so far. Drawings were mostly unnumbered and only marked with a date. So it might be possible, but not untill we can see it on a drawing or original Koolhoven document.

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    Thank you my dears,

    and I will try to remember the source,but I am sure from the designation.maybe a
    drawing number

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    De enige mogelijkheid is dat er een verwarring met een Czech bedrijf wordt gemaakt die Ultar Light modellen bouwt met een FK nummer. Harryv.d.merer

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    No Havair,that is probably a drawing number.

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    Havair has been one of the founders of the Koolhoven Foundation. Maybe it's good to know this, to prevent some odd conversation.
    The number 702 is certainly not a drawing number, because drawings were numbered to the type of Koolhoven plane. So 51-?? and so on (if speaking for the military user, the Dutch Air Force). No more numbers are known to me. If 702 is a drawing number, please keep in mind that the Koolhoven 7 isn't build at all.

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    That's right LVA-40,

    but I saw a drawing to Koolhoven somewhere,and wrote on it a five numbers,such as xx-xxx,and
    maybe the 702 meant xx-702 ?.

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    Here is the source;

    it's Messier site for landing gear,and he had a reliable documents for that,

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    Aha, mysterie solved
    1) Most likely that 702 is a design of the Koolhoven factory (see post of Edwin)
    2) Ontwerp 702 isn't known so far.

    Designation FK-702 is still impossible.
    Because of it's about the Messier gears for several different type of aircraft, most likely Messier didn't realise that 702 was only a design and put the prefix FK to it.
    If the drawing of Messier still exist, I'm exited to see it!

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