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Discussie: De Schelde unknown bomber

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    Hi all, my few cents of wisdom on this:
    - I think this was the Schelde contribution for the LVA request for the next Gen bomber in 1939. Fokker, De Schelde and Koolhoven all submitted proposals bu the Do215 was selected.
    - Alternatively, it participated in the next Gen reconnaissance competition, against the Fokker Design 154, because to me it does not really look like a bomber; too thin, too small.

    - At this time the LVA seems to have had a preference for the DB601A engine, that was also used by the Do215 and the Fokker Design 154/G-2/C-16/CG-2. The engine omn the picture very much looks like the DB601A.

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    Sorry, pushed send too quickly somehow.
    Was saying that given its roots in the Pander Postjager a fast reconnaissance plane seems more fitting to this design.

    The code 1086 seems to be purely artificial, no formal significance.

    Cheers, Pieter

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    6 januari 2013


    Hi Pieter H,

    I think it was real design,1086.

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    Yes the internal project code was 1086, which was then used as a fictitious registration.
    What I meant is that the code 1086 is not an official LVA code, and from that perspective has no meaning.

    Cheers, Pieter

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