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Discussie: Denemarken Fokker D.XXI project.

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    Ontving vandaag nog een mailtje van Orla met een kleine update:

    Hi Mathieu.

    To be honest, I haven’t been that active since I passed on the information for the thread.

    Business, or the job that pays for the hobby, has a habit of taking more time than planned

    One of the more important things I have done is that I have acquired an engine and propeller for the project. They have both been stored for quite a long time, so a considerable time has to put into them to make them usable for the project.

    Otherwise it is smaller things like brackets, locking devices etc. that has been produced during the winter. I have gathered all needed goods to reproduce the tailwheel as the only original thing I have from a Danish Fokker D.XXI is the tailwheel. Unfortunately, the tailwheel rod cannot be reused as it has been torn by rust and I have to build a new unit from scratch. Also, I find it very difficult to find an original size rear tire, so I have had to reproduce a new tail wheel rim to fit to the tire I have acquired.

    I have also started to have a look at the aluminum cover plates over the “back” of the fuselage. The aluminum has been purchased. Rivets and riveting tools is on the wish list.

    I have started to look at the shaping of the fuselage, purchased the long spruce lists, and making the steel shaping rods too.

    On the excuse side, time has been limited, and it has been too cold for welding as my workshop has no heating installed.

    I hope to be able to do some significant changes to the situation going forward, for one it seems the weather is starting to come on my side ��

    I have not started to think about the instruments yet, and when it comes to that, I will look for engine instruments that suits my engine. Avionics will be more modern as I have no need for the exact original instruments. Thanks for informing me about the instrument you have, and I will keep it in mind.
    Als het regent in mei is april voorbij.

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    18 februari 2013


    I might have missed it, but what engine is Orla eventually using?

    Keep up the good work!


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    Hoort iemand nog wel eens iets over dit project?
    Nu de nederlandse D-XXI aardig opschiet ben ik heel benieuwd naar de voortgang in Denemarken.

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