Ever since I was a kid, I remember riding in the family Cessna 335 and noticing these wire like structures that were on the trailing edge of the wings, and other parts of the aircraft. When I was young, I thought it had something to do with radio, however, as I understand it now, it has to do with static discharge, or rather, getting rid of the static build up on the aircraft. This technology is on most planes I've seen.
1. Why does static build up on the plane?
2. How can you measure the amount of static build up?
3. What would happen if these static ports were not on the aircraft?
4. Is static dangerous?
5. How big are the static ports on an aircraft say the size of the 335 all the way to the 747?
6. How many discharge points does an aircraft have or need?
7. Why are they always on the ends of the wings, and not closer to the fuselage?
8. How did we discover the static "problem".
Also, feel free to give any other explanations you feel necessary.

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