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Discussie: How to become an aircraft salesperson?

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    I will be graduating college this year and have started looking for jobs. I have promised myself to never do sales but I do have to admit I have wondered about becoming a salesman for Boeing or any other aircraft manufacturer. How do you get those kinds of jobs? What is their title so I know what positions to look for online? Are their internships available?
    I once saw a Mighty Planes(?) episode of the A380 and it shows some LH higher ups sitting with an Airbus sales rep where they negotiated a top-off order. This was a few years ago but I have wondered what it takes to get into that kind of job.
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    In my experience, you do not become a salesperson for an aircraft manufacturer, or for that matter a manager or higher, right from the day you graduate. You apply for a job for any position that requires your qualifications, and start working in that job (assuming of course upon acceptance...) That may be -in most cases- a specialist or junior specialist (e.g. structures, cabin safety, engine installation, performance, etc etc) and after a few years, you will have been noticed by senior management, know your way around, and then you can hope for directing your career towards what you really like to do. See it as an investment in your intellectual and experience capital. You must know the industry from the inside, and that's why you have to start on the "workfloor", academically speaking, as I am assuming you are enrolled in. I am saying this not to put you off, but to let you see the possibilities, for aviation is a wonderful game to play! Good luck.

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