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Discussie: Zat 5 jan 2019: Scramble Aviation Day met luchtvaartbeurs en NSK...

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    Exclamation Zat 5 jan 2019: Scramble Aviation Day met luchtvaartbeurs en NSK...

    ...de precieze lokatie volgt nog...
    Scramble and EWAS (Eindhoven Welschap Aviation Society)
    are proud to announce the date for 'this' years #NSK, Nederlandse Spotterskampioenschappen!
    Mark this date in your calender and make sure you don't miss this event:

    !!! 5 JANUARY 2019 !!!

    Normally it is held once a year (usually wintertime, November or December),
    but due to scheduling conflicts of all parties involved
    we found a date early next year.

    The Aviation Day 2019 will also include the well-known #AirFete.

    Location? It is something where no NSK (or Aviation Day for that matter) has ever been held,
    but for now we like to keep it a secret ;-) We promise you won't be disappointed
    Airnieuws update 2023. Fokker.... https://airnieuws.nl

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    ...nog steeds geen officiele aankondiging, maar nu wel dit:
    Airnieuws update 2023. Fokker.... https://airnieuws.nl

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    Zie ook het lijstje vliegtuigen op deze locatie te vliegveld Teuge Skydeck !

    Aviation Day 2018

    5 January 2019

    Skydeck Teuge Airport Museum

    The Dutch Aviation Society "Scramble" is proud to announce the 2018 edition of the Aviation Day.

    On this day you are able to buy, sell & trade slides, books, models and other
    aviation related items at our Air Fete.

    During the afternoon you are able to
    test your aviation knowledge during the National Spotters Championships
    (Nederlandse Spotterskampioenschappen, NSK).

    This makes the Aviation Day one of
    the largest social events within the Dutch spotting community.

    Air Fete
    The Air Fete is the place to be to
    buy or sell aviation related products.

    Think about books, slides, pictures,
    wallpapers, movies, models, etc., etc.

    These will be sold by individuals,
    aviation related companies, spotting societies and collectors
    from all over

    Lots of stalls will be there between the hours of 10.00 -

    Nationale Spotterskampioenschappen

    During the afternoon several aviation societies from the
    Netherlands will battle for the infamous aviation championship trophy.

    Practical information for visitors

    Time & Date: 5 January 2019, 10:00
    – 19:00hrs

    Skydeck Teuge, De Zanden 167, 7395 PG Teuge http://www.skydeck.nl

    Admission is

    General inquiries: aviation-day@scramble.nl

    Air Fete 10:00 - 17:00
    13:15 - 18:30

    The ideal setting for an aviation event
    (which includes the Nederlandse Spotterskampioenschappen, or Dutch Spotters Championships),

    Skydeck Teuge houses a variety of preserved aircraft, including
    an F-104 Sta
    rfighter, Antonov 2 and MiG-23 Flogger,
    among many others.
    Airnieuws update 2023. Fokker.... https://airnieuws.nl

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