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Discussie: Question about Aviolanda Proposal for NARO NBMR.2

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    Standaard Question about Aviolanda Proposal for NATO NBMR.2


    for NATO NBMR.2,a Maritime Patrol Aircraft,the main contenders were;

    Bristol Type-206 & Type-207,Avro-745,Breguet Br.1150,Piaggio P.155,Dornier P.340,Nord design,
    Lockheed CL-495,Canadair CL-67,Blackburn SP-?,English Electric ?,Handley Page ?,Saro P.208,Shorts ?
    Vickers ?,SABCA ?,Avions Fairey ?,Airco (De Havilland UK) ?,Avro Canada ?,DH Canada ?,Dassault ?
    Sud Aviation ?,Fokker P.? and Aviolanda ?.

    I am asking if some one know any thing about Aviolanda proposal ?.
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    Hi Pieter van Wijngaarden,

    can I ask you if there is in your book anything about this Project and thanks.

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    Aviolanda and Fokker built the Breguet BR.1150 Atlantic as MPA-project.

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    No Pieter,

    they at first submitted a two proposals in the competition,and after was won by Breguet 1150,they built it to Netherland
    Air Force and Navy.

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