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Discussie: NIEUW BOEK: Pan American in Norway (1935-1991)

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    21 november 2008

    Standaard NIEUW BOEK: Pan American in Norway (1935-1991)

    Pan American World Airways Inc, better known as Pan Am, was established by Juan Trippe in USA in 1927. The first plane left Key West in Florida to Havana on Cuba on October 28, 1927 and was the USAs first international scheduled air service. Pan Am was one of the leading airlines until the bankruptcy in 1991. For the very first time, a book has now been published with the history of Pan Am in Norway.

    In 1933, the Det Norske Luftfartselskap (DNL, Norwegian Air Lines) was established in Norway by Fred. Olsen & Co. In the spring of 1935 the Norwegian aviation pioneer and pilot Bernt Balchen, succeeded, through his good contacts in the USA, to make an agreement with Pan American for scheduled flights between Bergen and New Yok via Iceland. The follow-up of the agreement took time??, and it was not until the winter of 1940 that the agreement came into being. Pan American would start up on June 1, 1940, but the route never started due to the occupation of Norway April 9.

    After the war, from April 1946, another American airline, American Overseas Airlines (AOA), started a route between Oslo/Gardermoen and New York. In 1950, AOA was taken over by Pan Am, which established its own office in Oslo. Derek Blix was hired as director of the Norwegian office in 1953, and became an icon both in the company and in the Norwegian tourism industry. Pan Am's routes to Norway were temporarily stopped due to the oil crisis in the seventies, but were in full operation again from 1986 until the company went bankrupt in 1991. Pan Am recruited flight attendants from the countries they had flights to all over the world. It is estimated that more than 500 Norwegian women worked for Pan Am for a shorter or longer period of time from 1957 until the bankruptcy in 1991.

    This new book "Pan Am in Norway 1935 - 1991", (soft cover), provides for the first time a comprehensive overview of Pan Am's history in Norway. Author and editor is Rob Mulder. He has been assisted by an editorial committee with former Pan Am employees; Nina Bruland, the Oslo office, and the flight attendants Elise Nore Tingulstad and Elisabeth Heyerdahl Refsum.

    The book has been written in English and is available at a price of NOK 150 (about $16,75/Euro 15) + postage and local taxes or VAT in your country. It can be ordered here: https://www.europeanairlines.no/prod...way-1935-1940/
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    Met vriendelijke groeten,
    Rob Mulder

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