Hello there,

I'm new to this forum. I come from Germany. Please excuse that I do not write in Dutch but in English.

I'm interested in the Fokker T.V, but it's hard to find reference. I have the Dutch Profile Fokker T.V "Luchtkruiser" book and collected some drawings found on the internet.
But when comparing the drawings of the tail turret with photos of the real plane, I have the impression that on the drawings it is a bit too large and "clumsy".
In the Dutch Profile book, it is stated that the tail turret is the same like the one of the Fokker G.I.
Then, I found this 1/10 scale drawing of the G.I, according to which the length of the turret is 1045 mm:

Based on this drawing, the diameter of the turret is approximately 835 mm.

Therefore I would like to ask whether

  • the turrets of the T.V and G.I are indeed the same, and whether
  • the dimensions (1045 mm length, approximately 835 mm diameter) are correct.

Veel groeten